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The abundance of plastics that are used in our daily lives – plastic bottles included – is becoming a global environmental and social issue that we can no longer ignore.

Each minute, a million plastic bottles are bought around the world. That's nearly 20,000 bottles being bought every second of every day this year. Most of which are not recycled.

Our consumption of plastic bottles each year will likely top half a trillion by 2021. With lackluster recycling efforts, plastic bottles are jeopardizing oceans, coastlines and other environments.

To date, with the strength of our experience to making recycled quality garments, we have transitioned 60% of our relevant apparel materials to recycled materials made from plastic water bottles, fishing nets, and other items destined for the waste stream

We've found that upwards of 65% of the environmental impacts associated with our products are from raw material extraction and processing, so when we eliminate the sourcing of virgin raw materials, we reduce our impacts. That means as a customer, when you buy products made with recycled fibers, you are creating more demand for products that have a lower impact.

When compared to the manufacturing of conventional / virgin polyester, mechanically-recycled polyester, per 1Kg of Woven Polyester fabric, results in:

Approximately 62% less energy used

About 99% less water used

Up to 35% less waste created

Upwards of 20% less CO2 emitted

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