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How To Choose a Swimsuit According To The Body?

Aug. 30, 2021

Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

Women’s One Piece Swimsuit

Every girl wants to have a good-looking and well-fitting swimsuit.Choosing a swimsuit according to different body shapes is the most efficient way. Here's how to choose a swimsuit according to your figure.

1. Knot design type swimsuit - preferred by office girls

For girls who sit in the office, even if they usually pay attention to correction, but the long-term work will make the shoulder muscles overly tense and easy to form round shoulders. However, a swimsuit with a knot design at the shoulder and neck can subtly disguise round shoulders. Use the hanging neck ribbon to trim the oblique muscles.

2. Ruffle design swimsuit - suitable for flat body

For girls who are worried about a flat body, ruffles are a good choice for a swimsuit.The ruffle design of the shoulders can help you elongate the shoulder line, suitable for girls with large heads or narrow shoulders, helping to create a golden ratio.  It can help you create a swelling effect and is generally used to decorate the shoulders and chest.The ruffle on the chest, on the other hand, creates a voluminous effect and is full of femininity and gentleness.  Smaller ruffles are more designer and add to the chicness, and showing skin can look lighter.

3. Retro swimsuit - pear-shaped body savior

Pear-shaped girls are suitable for simple one-piece retro swimsuit, can wear a superior waist to hip ratio. The pear-shaped body is mostly accompanied by lower body fat, and retro swimsuit can focus the attention on the slim waist.  The retro swimsuit design is simple, and the sharp lines can outline the sexy curve of the body. When shopping, be sure to choose a style that tightens the small stomach, and a more elastic waist and belly design can make your hip line look perfect. If the back is bare, you can also choose the U-shaped backless style. Releasing sex appeal on the back while also avoiding tackiness. At the same time, the color is also a key point of the swimsuit, the girl with a white complexion can wear bright colors.For girls with a healthy wheat-like skin tone, a textured, low-saturation color is your best choice.

4. Bikini - fitness girls' favorite

For girls who have been working out, summer is your natural showplace!The simplest Bikini is the most suitable swimsuit for you. Whether it's a sexy waistline or a biting arm curve, it's an unforgettable and beautiful scene in summer. Put on the Bikini and show off your body line.

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