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How To Choose Children's Ski Suits?

Sep. 25, 2021

children's ski suits

The purchase of children's ski suits should pay attention to the choice of style. The color should be bright, waterproof performance should be good. The national standard for children's ski wear has clear requirements in terms of quality and dye fastness. Read on for more information!

What do you need to pay attention to in children's ski wear?

1. Waterproofness of children's ski wear

The waterproofness of ski wear is especially important, the waterproofness of ordinary children's ski wear is generally in 5000mm, but if the child likes it more or has participated in training classes, it is still recommended that the waterproofness should be higher, such as 10000mm.


2. The style of children's ski clothing

The purchase of children's ski wear should pay attention to the style of the split, one-piece two styles.

Separate children's ski wear is more suitable for the baby to go to the toilet by themselves but slightly worse in terms of warmth. If you want to choose a split style can choose with a windproof anti-snow skirt design, to a certain extent, to increase the warmth of the clothes. Even if they fall, the snow is not easy to run into the clothes.

One-piece is more relaxed, and easy to put on and take off, the waist does not leak wind, snow is not easy to drill into the clothes, good warmth. But the child to go to the toilet when some trouble. Most adult skiers believe that wearing one-piece ski clothes is more convenient than split ski clothes when gliding.

In addition, you can choose the backpack pants style ski wear. Pants will not fall because of the baby's activities, but also to protect the baby's little tummy from getting cold.


3. The color of children's ski clothing

Color, because the snowfield at a glance is white, so be sure to give children to choose a little brighter color, more eye-catching also conducive to photo. When there are many people, it can also play a role in reminding and finding.


4. The size of children's ski clothing

Children are in a growing state, and clothes will be replaced quickly. If the child is skiing more often, you can get their own set, in size is recommended slightly larger 15-20cm, or choose the style can be adjusted size. In principle, it can be worn until the next winter, not to wear a season on the small, expensive and laborious.


5. Children's ski wear rental

If you only occasionally take your child to play, then you can rent a set in the ski resort, not only do not have to spend more money but also save the time to take care of. Before renting, call the ski resort to confirm whether to provide rental services and the availability of the corresponding clothing size, to avoid not choosing the right style.


TIP: National standards for children's ski wear


1. GB-18401-2010 National Textile Products Basic Safety Technical Specification


(1) intrinsic quality: formaldehyde content ≤ 20mg/kg, pH 4.0-7.5, decomposable carcinogenic aromatic amine dyes prohibited, can not have an odor.


(2) dyeing fastness (level): water resistance (discoloration, staining) for 3-4, acid sweat resistance (discoloration, staining) 3-4, dry rub resistance 4, saliva resistance (discoloration, staining) 4.


2. FZ / T81014-2008 "infant and toddler clothing


(1) The product logo should indicate that it is not dry-cleanable.


(2) The collar, hat edge does not allow the use of rope. The exposed length of the rope belt on the finished product shall not exceed 14cm.


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