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Padded Jacket & Down Jacket

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Padded Jacket & Down Jacket

We are a clothing manufacturer specializing in Wholesale Jackets and outerwear. They have various styles. You can find everything from safety jackets to fleece zipper jackets and even waterproof jackets. No matter when and where, no matter the weather, we will provide you with a jacket that suits your needs.

We specialize in OEM or ODM clothes orders for children and adults. Runni also includes winter coats, hoodies, vests, ponchos, windbreaker jackets, and softshell jackets at one stop.

No matter what style of jacket you need, we provide waterproof, windproof, and different degrees of warmth to meet the different needs of your purchase. The quarter-zip, jacquard pullover, and hooded jacket provide casual comfort and style. At the same time stay stylish and warm. If you are looking for a supplier of jackets, (ie team jackets, club jackets, sports jackets, men's jackets, women's jackets), we can help you provide ample choices.

We have a large number of useful fabric combinations for you to choose from. Washable, anti-stain microfiber, waterproof nylon, plush, and all of these are the perfect amount of moisture control and insulation that can be used for environmental protection, tear resistance, organic, natural, or engineering. In addition, there are countless color combinations that can be created, from very sporty color block jackets for your team, to traditional, solid color down jackets and vests to blend into your other clothing.

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